We don't dance enough. I'm going to go out on a limb and blame it on our high school administrators, the ones that told us we had to stand arm's length away from dancing partners and stared at us, arms crossed, from the perimeter. That, or whatever happened in the 90s where people stopped dancing like maniacs in the 80s. I'm convinced there was no such thing as bad dancing in the 80s. Don't argue that.

I got involved in a dance party recently with a 7yo and a 3yo, and eventually the 3yo yelled at me to stop dancing and just watch her dance. I respect that, so I sat down and apparently couldn't help myself. "Stop ARM DANCING and WATCH ME!" Can't help myself.

I'm grateful to have come from a family that loved to dance at gatherings (we start learning salsa as babies, what can I say?) because it's such a hilarious way to carry your body. It's a full celebration, and sometimes we just need that level of joy. Sometimes when I'm plugging away at work, at my standing desk, I start to bob to my music. My entire office has glass walls, so I'm sure passers-by have caught glimpses of me nodding to music, oversized headphones encasing my head. I'm okay with it.

When I'm at home I listen to a lot of music, and it's mostly electro-pop, I can't lie. I probably listen to it too-loud (I'm one of those), and a fly on the wall would frequently catch me dancing around my place, by myself (it's maniac dancing, not cool dancing). Want some inspiration? Hook yourself up with a Yelle-inspired radio station on Spotify and you'll never look back.