At first thought, having an attention to detail sounds like a quality that requires laser focus, the ability to tune out the environment and focus on the little things. I'm finding more and more that an attention to detail, in its most effective form, actually requires a bird's eye view of situations, environments, roles at-large, an ability to balance the large and the small.

At the most basic level, most people think that having an attention to detail means they catch typos and straighten up messy tables compulsively. However, I think it stretches beyond those small normalcies, and blends into an ability to be self-aware in social situations, catching those small changes in social interactions that can mean saving someone from a hard day, and being aware enough of the present to anticipate what needs to be done for the future. Thinking of it as a needle in a haystack: you have to acknowledge, understand, then meticulously decompose the entire stack so you don't miss the needle, right? Chaos supports the detail, but it must be approached with reserve.

I don't want the pressure of declaring I'm a meticulous grammarian or never leave a stone unturned in the work I do, but I know my attention to detail dictates my success and happiness. Can we practice this skill? I'm not sure yet, but it's something I frequently consider as I train and support others in doing incredible things for The Iron Yard. Suggestions welcomed :)