I used to love the Summer most, but in the last few years my love for crisp autumnal air has taken over my love for shameless tanning. I think it ties back to my love for a good theme: wool, lacer boots, gourds, soup, Halloween, crisp air, earth tones, fog, mmm!

I lived in Portland last year, and I think what made it such a great fit for me was the prominence of autumnal things everywhere. There was a particular type of store everywhere, a style I liked to call camper chic (think: leather, woodsy soaps, wool blankets, drapey clothes). Oregon's the land of tall evergreens, snow-capped mountains, Pendleton wool, and so many great boots. Fresh food everywhere from the mild temperatures and steady drizzle. There's something so wonderfully cozy about that weather. I could wrap my hands around a warm mug of coffee and sit by a campfire year-round and never tire of it.

I spent a month in Colombia a few years ago, and I realized that while I love the mild weather there, there's something strange about living in a place where there are no seasons. Living near the Equator promises steady temperatures, warm year-round, but there's something really cool about experiencing seasonal change in the United States. Every season brings a wardrobe change, new foods, and appropriately themed holidays. I'm convinced Halloween really came about from the (spooky) creaky leafless trees blowing in the crisp Fall winds. Don't argue that.

Growing up, my parents always spent a lot of time preparing our house for Halloween. They loved the holiday, and would deck it out with spooky lights, hidden creatures in the bushes, speakers hidden on our property broadcasting the sounds of ghosts, goblins, screeches. It was a silly excuse for some harmless mischief, and we always loved it. That love for Halloween spread into my adulthood, and it's by far my favorite holiday. I'm embracing a simpler, modern approach to my home decor, and I'm working out what that means for Halloween. So far, I've got a skull-shaped decanter for the bar cart (this may or may not stay up year-round), and miniature white jack-o-lantern pumpkins.