Go ahead, laugh at me for writing an entire blog post about Mindy Lahiri, but she's speaking to me these days and I can't help it. I have a Mindy problem.

I've never had a ton of gal pals. My relationships with guy friends have always come easier, because, well, there's a lot of strangeness to me, and apparently I'm less offensive to them. The women in my life are really incredible and I appreciate those relationships so much -- for some reason, though, they're fewer, shorter, and farther between. I'm sure a quick trip to a therapist could sort that out :)

I've been watching The Mindy Project since it started, but last Saturday morning, sitting in bed, ripping through work on the computer, and binge-watching old episodes, I began to appreciate bubbly Mindy Lahiri in a new light. Prepare yourself for a super intellectual, definitely not-crazy in-depth analysis of a silly fictional character(maybe not fictional, she IS Mindy Kaling, right?).

Alright, not really. It's pretty simple:

I realize it's a TV show and this is not a 24-hour reflection of this character's life, but she works a lot. She socializes with folks from work. She spills her personal guts to her co-workers, and they have really incredible relationships because they're family, too. She has ridiculous dating stories, has a hilarious relationship with food, but genuinely loves herself for who she is. She embraces her insecurities in comedy. She does whatever the fuck she wants most of the time, never at the expense of others. She has a lot of guy friends. She dresses really well. She's constantly looking for reasons to celebrate. She's basically my spirit animal.

I did something that felt really silly this weekend and bought a book written by Mindy Kaling. I've been in a reading funk, and this is the first thing that has excited me to read in a while. I think my love for Mindy all ties down to her being incredibly independent, but wildly appreciative of the loving and supportive relationships she has outside of herself. You're never lonely when you love being with yourself so much, and I think we all need to try to get there.