I've always functioned at full speed, a lifestyle/professional path that has lent itself to a wealth of variety in experience. I can't say any time period has been my favorite (sure, I'm young), because they're all perfect in their own way. Sounds cheesy, but yes, they all brought me to today. Despite the whirlwind of change I've experienced in my life, never have I quite been able to pause in time and realize that I'm going through a significant, deeply personal transformation. Now, I'm paused in the wave (and it's kind of okay in here).

I grew up with a mother that absolutely loves life. Sure, we all might say we love it, but LJ love loves it. She embraces herself more than anyone I know and contributed deeply to my present-day spontaneous, passionate nature. It's led me to some crazy paths professionally, but I've also had the (most important) pleasure of experiencing some incredible people. I was writing a letter to my team at The Iron Yard recently and started with a sentence about life's purpose found in the people that enrich us. Sometimes a recluse, I still always love people.

So, I'm changing. I'm morphing. I'm embracing a self that is entirely new for me, but also wildly familiar. It's refreshing to see myself for the first time in a long time, recognize my strengths and embrace those for a while. I'm finding what it means to be the confident-me without the bossy-me. The passionate-me without the reckless-me. The self-assured-me, without the dismissive-me. I've found my professional calling, I'm excited about challenge rather than simple comfort; my comfort comes in the challenge. Through transformation comes loss, and I'm embracing that as well. Losses ... or new beginnings. Professionally, I'm working on my leadership & mentorship. Personally, I'm working on bettering myself so I can better serve others -- I think it starts at your own core.

What else? I'm listening to a lot of music which is a refreshing change. I used to love music, and then I didn't need it for a long time. It's back and I love it.