I find myself telling people I'm busy a lot. It's an excuse by pure definition:

ex·cuse (verb) ikˈskyo͞oz/

  1. attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.

Aren't we all busy? There isn't a day I couldn't speak those words honestly about how I'm feeling either professionally or personally. Highlighting your own crammed calendar SCREAMS my problems are more important than yours. It's difficult, but I'm trying to remove this excuse from my repertoire. I'm finding the whole show exhausting; just answer your emails, girl!

Beyond emails and business small talk, I find myself excusing my recent lapse in consistent exercise quite a bit, my indulgences in food I know I simply shouldn't eat. Why is it so easy to lie to yourself, the only person that really knows what's going on in your head? There's something so beautifully illogical about the way we function mentally.

I'm changing my ways and embracing my inner Nike (the Roshe is my favorite athletic shoe, after all) - just do it. So, I will.