I'm a fan of estate sales. By fan of estate sales, I mean I'm obsessed with digging through other people's junk. As a child, we'd travel to Latin America and my mom would always make friends with strangers. Her love for everyone was clear, and contagious. Somehow we'd end up in someone's home, meeting the entire family over a generous meal, warmly welcomed for a glimpse into their existence. Their living spaces were so them.

These experiences were invaluable. They taught me a true appreciation for spontaneity, and for my fellow humans. People are genuine, people are good. LJ has always seen that in others.

I think it ruined my sister and me, because we'd always tag-team slumber parties and delicately thumb through our friends' rooms. There was always something really cool about seeing how folks lived beyond school, work. I loved the episode of Parks & Recreation where you get to see Leslie Knope's house and she's really a hoarder. So great.

I went to a talk last year during Modern Atlanta week, the dude that started Apartment Therapy was speaking. I never thought about the meaning behind the name of that site, but it made sense when he explained that he would travel to apartments, consulting with folks on their personal story and how that linked with their decor (therapy first, then decor). I love that. My space is so indicative of who/where I am right now.

When I go to estate sales, there is typically an epic selection of entertainment-ware. I love to see the glamour of the ultra-fancy homes of those that were in their prime in 1960s Atlanta. A glass for every occasion. My family immigrated on both sides at first or second generation, so there are few family heirlooms beyond jewelry (travel-light, valuable!). I love vintage goods, perhaps because I never grew up with them. That, or just the fact that the greatest feats of typography occurred before our time :) Glassware is #1 at the greatest estate sales, and I feel a rush of love when I spot a Fire-King mug in an unfamiliar hue.