Laughter is one of the most genuine forms of expression; you can really feel who a person is from their laughter. It doesn't qualify for judgment, laughter is just so deeply sincere ... you can't help but revel in the intimacy of such a public act.

I'm feeling deeply the loss that one of my most dear friends experienced today, in his dear mother Laura. Although my time knowing her has been short, her impression on me was deep and instant -- her genuine nature made it easy to embrace her.

One of the first things that stand out to me when I think of dear Laura is her laughter. Her laugh was subtle and sincere, a true giggle that sent those around her into an equally unrestricted joy. Something so heartfelt is just so undeniably infectious, and you always knew that her laughter was all her. Shoulders raised, cheeks high against her eyes in innocent delight ... a giggle that always lasted a second longer than you would expect, because she just couldn't help the delight.

Once, dear Laura told me that her two favorite things in this world were babies and angels. I grinned wide, a small chuckle at the innocence of that statement, spoken in pure sincerity. Thinking about how gracefully she sought to guide all situations as a moral compass, I realize her love for the innocent was an embrace of such qualities in the rest of us. She was a strong believer, in general ... her spirituality guided her love for empowering people to think deeply about their lives and the good they could bring to others. She had a deep, quiet, peaceful understanding of human nature, and she assessed the situations around her with wisdom and, most importantly, optimism.

A guiding light like Laura's leaves an eternal impression on the world, and there's something really nice about extending that here, where it might guide a handful of others.